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The Story Of Rock Star By Matt O'Connor

Words and music: Matt O'Connor

CD: Gullibles Travels, TRACK 1

Performance Rights Organization: BMI

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The initial idea for the song Rock Star came to me from a song that Joe Viglione wrote called, "Are You A Rock Star Yet?"


  It was about someone who puts on airs and acts like a typical Rock Star when in fact not being one at all. However I turned this idea on it's head, and made an opposite sketch out of it, which was making fun of all the dues one has to pay to become a Rock Star, and that by being the one to pay those dues, become one. I wrote it with a healthy dose of Irish American Sarcasm, in the happy key of G. 

When I write a song I tend to come up with the melody and words for the chorus first, then the verses get filled in. On the day I wrote Rock Star, I was under the walk way at Los Angeles City College connecting the music building with the dental building, which has a natural echo chamber. I sang it there for a second, and it sounded good, and thus a song was born.

Here are the lyrics:

 I'm such a Rock Star, 'cuz I haven't washed my hair, 
Took a Gutter Punk Shower, And no one seems to care 
I'm such a Rock Star, And I'm going really far, 
'Couple dollars short of the bus, 
'Cause I don't have a Jaguar. 

I swear to God I know it's never gonna change, 
I'll just keep playing 'till they drag me off the stage 

I'm such a Rock Star, 'Cause I don't have any girls,
Unless they're a thousand miles away, In my imaginary world
I'm such a Rock Star, 'Cause I'm hanging out with Cheese,
Good evening, We're the Drug Inspectors, Let us see it if you please

My Momma said I'd end up broke and all alone,
That's why "Good Riddance" is what they're writing on my stone

I'm such a Rock Star, And I only came to play,
I sure as hell can't afford a beer, On the money that I make
I'm such a Rock Star, And I'm still on S.S.I.
But I'm still trying to work, God alone only knows why

He'll lay me down with my bottle of Jack and my guitar,
Some kid'll find me and say "I wonder who you are, weren't you a Rock Star?
C'mon and play!

The End

Copyright(C)2014 Matt O'Connor, BMI
All Rights Reserved


The song was recorded a year or so later at Moletrax West/Danalog Studios with producer Jeff Moleski, who produced around 33 of the song by The Smashing Pumpkins.

The band at the time was myself on rhythm guitar and vocals,
Eric Ross on additional guitars,
Ronnee Reese on keys,
Jeff on drums,
and Steve Feldman who was assistant engineer and who played a great bass track!

Also rock journalist Julie Asperger came down as a guest and did backing vocals.

Eric and I came down on the blue line train with a half rack of Natural Ice and some herbs, and everyone else came later. later.

The first track we recorded was the acoustic guitar, which I had originally intended to just be in the beginning, but Jeff insisted we record it all the way through with the click as a bed track for everything else to lay on.

This was actually hard because we had never practiced with a click, so it took about an hour to record that properly. Then we recorded the electric guitars and the drums, then the bass, then the bass, then the vocals, and the keys, backing vocals and the guitar solo which I wrote and played were played last.

All in all it was a good 11 hour day or so of lots of fun and everybody had a great time! There are many happy memories of that session and I think that shows on the track.

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A Video For The Blues Classic Standard O Death With Dead Like Me Video Promo Song From O Brother Where Art Thou Song Re Arranged For Guitar and Voice by Matt O'Connor Harmonica by Bradlee Jones

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